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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer Discussion Points!

So it turns out that summer isn't a great time for writing lots of blog posts when you're traveling and have family visiting and are otherwise working full-time. And since Psych is the best show on USA it's not coming back until the fall, and so I haven't had those recaps to write. I should really stop apologizing at the top of every post for my sporadic behavior, but REALLY I should just stop being a slacker and write about the things that I want to write about. So here's a mish-mash of what's been on my mind and my screen lately.

Ice Loves Coco

This is it, guys. We have reached the pinnacle of reality television programming. I'm not really sure what it is about Ice Loves Coco that has me so enthralled, but I do know one thing: Ice sure does love Coco. I mean, if there is one person in this world who loves somebody the most that you can love somebody, it is Ice loving Coco. And the great part is that this isn't some gross Hugh Hefner shit - Coco also loves Ice. That she chooses to express her love by being quite "traditional" and "domestic" is 100% her business, especially since in return she gets all the shoes she can fuck. Maybe it's because Ice-T is awesome, maybe it's because Coco is mesmerizing, but I am certain that this is the best example of the "follow a minor celebrity around their daily life" type of show. That reminds me, I need to go buy my dog a doppelganger coat for her interview with the dog agent to get all the Hollywood dog jobs and whatnot. Good thing I didn't forget, I've always dreamed of my dog having an agent. HAHAHA just kidding famous people are weird and not like me at all even if they do eat hamburgers and wear pants (I don't wear pants).


Louie is back!!! You should watch it. Louis C.K. said on The Daily Show, "You don't have to be smart to laugh at a fart joke, but you have to be stupid not to." I said, just now out loud to myself, "You don't have to be smart to watch Louie, but if you don't I will call you terrible names." So I watch because I don't like to be mean but I also don't make empty threats. Also, because it is awesome. Thursdays at 10 on FX and I only take the time to look up the air times of shows I really think you should be watching SO don't make the 20 seconds it took me to find that out worthless and just watch a great half-hour of comedy, please.


Weeds is Weeds, guys. I dunno. Nancy is crazy. Nancy's sister is a cunt. Silas is hot. Shane is nuts. Andy is The Best. Doug is high. Things seem pretty par for the course, right? It's a funny show, but the fact that I still miss characters that we haven't seen for four seasons says a lot (oh, Conrad). And WTF is going on with Celia and Isabelle? Inquiring minds would like to know. Oh and HAHAHAHAHA I love how Esteban dies and then his drug cartel magically disbands and dissolves because clearly that is what happens in real life and if we want to solve the scary-ass Mexican drug problem all we have to do is make sure like, four washed-up drug lords that we arrested three years ago get shivved and then there will be no more drugs in Mexico ever. Problem solving! Don't get me wrong, it's a funny show and I enjoy watching it, but its heyday was clearly in the past and grenades? Not sexy, even in French. We'll see if I'm inspired enough to do recaps, because I'd like to do something to keep my recapping skills sharp and I only watch Royal Pains because of that sexy Italian guy from Road Trip.

The Big C

Do other people watch this show? Laura Linney like, won an Emmy or Golden Globe or whatevs last year, but she is most definitely my least favorite part of it. Now, I like Laura Linney as much as the next person who thinks Laura Linney is a perfectly decent and often endearing actress (Have you seen The Savages? Go watch The Savages.), but her character is pretty fucking obnoxious a lot of the time, which is shitty when everyone else is so awesome. Oliver Platt is great, the kid who plays her son is great, Marlene is great, Sean is great, Cynthia Nixon is pretty great, Idris Elba is hot and great, and Gaborey Sidibe is just plain awesome. So with all this greatness, FML Cathy is kind of an a-hole downer. Also, I hate the name Cathy, it's terrible. But The Big C is not terrible, it's a well-written show with a lot of emotional complexity and I'll definitely be watching it. But if she doesn't die after season 3, I'm done.

Project Runway

It's coming back soon. Will I watch it? Probs. Am I still angry and resentful of the Gretchen Jones disaster? Absolutely. RuPaul has eclipsed ProjRun in terms of quality quickly and easily, and the arbitrary and flat-out awful judging over the past few seasons really just makes me angry, and I don't like watching shows that I know will make me angry. But then again...Tim Gunn! So, we'll see.


I have tickets to go see a taping of Conan in a few weeks! All my friends will tell you that I'm crazy excited and should probably just shut up about it already. In preparation I've been watching The Larry Sanders Show, but I should also probably start watching some more Conan. I really do like Conan, and Jimmy Fallon, and Craig Ferguson, but I really just don't have time to watch all (or often any) of them, unless someone I really want to see is a guest (or if Ferguson has anyone Scottish on). So my goal is to watch more of these three guys (plus the awesome Larry Sanders, who I'll be posting on soon) and really brush up on my late night. And of course I'll be writing all about my trip to Conan for your education and enjoyment.

That's all for now! Hopefully I'll get back into a regular writing schedule as soon as I'm back in the city and not heading all over the state, 'cause I miss this when I slack off and neglect you guys.

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